I have done my own artwork, what file format can I supply it in?

Congratulations on reaching this stage in your project! It is exciting to see it coming together on the computer screen, and the next step is to get it to us so that we can print it and make your project real!

We accept the following common file formats:

  • PDF
  •  EPS / AI
  •  JPEG (for images only)
  •  TIFF (for images only)
  •  DOC / DOCX


You can email your file to us (Please ensure files are no larger than 10MB) or if you have a larger file, please consider the use of a free external File Transfer site like Dropbox or WeTransfer.

Please note: we cannot guarantee the consistency of artwork that has been created in Microsoft programs such as WORD or EXCEL, fonts and colours can appear slightly different. To ensure consistency, it is best to provide a PDF of your project.

If you don’t know what file format you have, or how to create your file, contact us and we can help.

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