Digital Printing

Yes I know, every printer has state of the art digital gear these days, but as well as having the newest gear, it still comes down to the operator to produce a great end result.

This is where we set ourselves apart, as you deal directly with the operator and owner who cares, not that kid whose running your job at the speed of light, regardless of how it looks, just because it’s nearly knock off time.  

Whether it’s high quality black and white, or stunning full colour digital printing, Tigerprint take the utmost care to get the perfect result for you.

From professional artwork design right through to the quality printed result, Tigerprint have you covered for all of your digital printing requirements, including:

  • Speedy black and white
  • Brilliant full colour
  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Brochures

Click here for a more comprehensive list of products & services.

  • Books and booklets

  • Promotional material

  • Labels

  • Menus

  • Fast turnaround if required


Our dealings with Tigerprint and especially Gary have been fantastic – highly competitive prices, prompt replies to queries and a quick turnaround of product, I highly recommend Tigerprint.


Spectrum House

I have been using Tigerprint for all my printing for over five years and would highly recommend them. Amazing customer service and their printing is of very high quality.
Thank you Tigerprint


Belinda’s Muesli Slices

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Samples of business card stock available on request. Get in touch to feel the quality for yourself.

Why Should You Use Tigerprint?

Our business has been operating since the 1960s. We continue to provide outstanding customer service, quality printing and professional advice. We guarantee customer satisfaction by meeting your deadlines and expectations. You can speak directly with the person handling your job at any time and conveniently order your work via email or on the phone. 

CALL  03 9551 9250

Printing excellence that guarantees you will return

You deal directly with the person handling your job and can order via email or talk to a real person.

We fully guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our work.

solve printing issues

We have the expertise and systems to solve your printing issues.

We guarantee to deliver to you by the agreed date and can offer as little as 48 hours turnaround on some items.

Print Shop Melbourne


For a personalised print shop in Melbourne, look no further than TigerPrint. We have provided printing services in Melbourne since the 1960s, combined with excellent customer service and professional advice.

Apart from our custom digital printing services, we pride ourselves on dealing directly with our customers. Good digital printing depends on the operator, where a friendly, customer-focused print shop like ours stands out.

Whether you are looking for high-quality black-and-white or full-colour digital printing, we guarantee the best results. It starts with designing professional artwork to the final printed product. We are flexible and can supply everything from business cards to flyers, brochures, books and booklets, promotional material, labels and menus – all at a quick turnaround and even within 48 hours if need be.

For professional printing in Melbourne, talk to us. We can show you some of our creative designs to inspire you and examples of successful projects completed for satisfied customers. For example, business card samples are available upon request to let you appreciate our quality work first-hand.

What is Digital Printing? 

Digital printing involves printing directly onto paper or other materials instead of offset or lithographic printing. Digital printing is highly adaptable with a fast setup time and is highly customisable.

Permanent plates, where the inked image is offset or transferred to a rubber blanket and then the actual printing surface, allow no room for error or even the luxury of seeing a print proof upfront.

Business Card printing services Clayton Melbourne

The Benefits of Digital Printing

Digital printing offers numerous design options due to it being full colour. Colour gradations can be accommodated, and colour matching is simplified. Small volumes are produced effortlessly with quick lead times, making digital printing in Melbourne a cost-effective, high-value option. Digital printing is even suitable for prototyping and revising artwork.

Our digital print solutions are consistent in terms of colour and design. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and workmanship and work closely with our customers to realise their vision.

More About TigerPrint

TigerPrint is located on Osborne Avenue in the popular industrial precinct of Clayton South. We have a proud history of meeting customers’ requirements for digital printing in Melbourne. We combine the latest techniques and equipment with a hands-on approach to supply ideal customised solutions that are durable and of high quality.

Our focus on custom digital printing services allows our customers to print as much as they need at a significantly reduced cost per item and a fast turnaround. You can check a digital proof before the actual print run commences. For a customised service that focuses on quality and speed and uses the latest advances, TigerPrint is your one-stop digital print shop.

large format printing services Clayton Melbourne