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About TigerPrint

Tigerprint began its operation in the 1960’s as one of the first printing businesses on St. Kilda Road in Melbourne. Founded as a secretarial/printing business by Bill Cheney and his family, the business continues under Gary Nichol and his family having taken over ownership in 1992 and still supports the original motto that the business was built on.

“Printing Excellence that guarantees you will return”

Catering to small and large business, along with the general public, maintaining solid, long term relationships with all our clients is an absolute high priority. We guarantee to meet your quality expectations and deadlines and your peace of mind is assured as you will deal directly with the person handling your job.

Whether it’s short run digital, long run offset or promotional, all bases are covered at Tigerprint.

Click here for a more comprehensive list of products & services.

––––––––––    Proudly servicing businesses for over 50 years    ––––––––––
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smile  HAPPY CUSTOMERS  smile

The cards arrived this morning & I am absolutely thrilled! I collected them as I headed out, so it’s only now I can have a good look at them.

I’ll be in touch again soon re. the order. I’ll send some more cards through as well, Monday at the latest.

What a pleasure it is to find a professional printer!!!!

Thank you again,



Our dealings with Tigerprint and especially Gary have been fantastic – highly competitive prices, prompt replies to queries and a quick turnaround of product, I highly recommend Tigerprint.


Spectrum House

“We have been using Tigerprint for 4 years and Gary has been fantastic to work with throughout. He is always responsive to our, often very short notice, print needs. The turnaround is always quick, the quality perfect and service amazing”


Red Energy

Having dealt with Gary for many years now, I have always found Tigerprint to be professional, co-operative and always on time with delivery.  Having a reliable printer on hand certainly eases the stress at our busy clinic.

Dr. Peter Demaio

Burwood Health Care

Are you kidding about providing a testimonial and putting my name and company behind it??

How much can I rave. If you don’t know I think you are fantastic by now I don’t know what else I can say other than Vista print eat your heart out for service, customer satisfaction, quality and cost. All on time and in budget. 🙂

Is there anything else any customer could ask for??

Go tigerprint. Yeah


JMA has been dealing with Tigerprint for 10+ years and we’ve always found the service to be excellent. Tigerprint is quick, reliable and affordable.


JMA Credit Control

I have been using Tigerprint for all my printing for over five years and would highly recommend them. Amazing customer service and their printing is of very high quality.
Thank you Tigerprint


Belinda’s Muesli Slices

“Tigerprint consistently provide my company with exemplary quality brochures, labels and digital files. Their quality of work, care and attention to every detail is superb. The super-fast turnaround and value for money is unmatched. I couldn’t recommend Tigerprint more highly for anyone requiring printing services from a genuine, friendly family company.”

E. S.

Oral Care Australia Pty Ltd

Working with Tigerprint is like having a spare pair of hands, eyes and extra time in my day – all invaluable as a small business owner. Gary is so experienced with offset and digital printing that I know I can trust him with all of my print jobs, especially the tricky colour-matching ones or even the ones that have deadlines. And with a customer service that leaves other companies for dead, I’d recommend Tigerprint hands down for any printing needs.


Altitude Unlimited

I came to Tigerprint after using various printers based in and around Melbourne over the last 20 years.

Being an artist/ photographer I am VERY fussy on image quality!
I have found Tigerprint to be by far the best to work with.
They assist with advice and offer technical support during the whole printing process.
They also specialise in small runs which is perfect for my boutique range of books, greeting cards, posters, and bookmarks.
Not only are prices extremely competitive, but I work directly with the person printing my work: from selection of paper stock to slick packaged products ready for the retail market.
I find being able to view proofs prior to printing is imperative, (and exciting !) and Tigerprint have always supported me with this stage to make sure I am getting the EXACT results I want.
This means I have total control, from concept stage to the final product !
Whether large or small print jobs, I highly recommend Tigerprint for all your printing needs!


Nicole Emanuel Photography